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We are experts in early childhood hearing testing, adult hearing solutions, and balance and dizziness diagnosis and treatment. We have been repeatedly rated as a top hearing aid provider in the Everett-Seattle-Bellevue area. Physicians throughout Western Washington recommend us to their patients with hearing and balance issues.

A welcome message from Dr. Michael Mallahan, Au.D.A welcome message from Dr. Michael Mallahan, Au.D.

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Rated #1 in Quality

We are ranked #1 in quality by organizations and our patients themselves.

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Our doctors are recognized by their peers as leaders in hearing and balance healthcare.

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Better hearing can change your life. Hear some of our patients tell their stories.

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Our expertise and our state of the art diagnostic equipment ensure that you achieve the best hearing possible. We work with you over several weeks to tune your hearing device as your brain and your ears adapt to better hearing.

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Latest News

Stop That Racket! I Have Hyperacusis!

July 27, 2015

Having a hearing loss can be devastating. Having an oversensitivity to sound can be just as devastating to those who experience it. Hyperacusis has many different causes but no known cure.

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Invisible In The Canal Hearing Aids

July 20, 2015

Invisible In The Canal hearing aids are the newest advancement in miniaturization of hearing aids. Surprisingly, they are appropriate for many different types of hearing loss. Starkey offers the SoundLens at several technology levels making it a great choice for patients.

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