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We are experts in early childhood hearing testing, adult hearing solutions, and balance and dizziness diagnosis and treatment. We have been repeatedly rated as a top hearing aid provider in the Everett-Seattle-Bellevue area. Physicians throughout Western Washington recommend us to their patients with hearing and balance issues.

A welcome message from Dr. Michael Mallahan, Au.D.A welcome message from Dr. Michael Mallahan, Au.D.

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We are ranked #1 in quality by organizations and our patients themselves.

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Our doctors are recognized by their peers as leaders in hearing and balance healthcare.

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Our expertise and our state of the art diagnostic equipment ensure that you achieve the best hearing possible. We work with you over several weeks to tune your hearing device as your brain and your ears adapt to better hearing.

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Latest News

A new twist on an old solution for single sided deafness

September 28, 2015

Single sided deafness occurs in roughly 60,000 people each year. Solutions for this type of hearing loss are limited. Phonak has developed a new twist on an old solution: the wireless CROS system, which routes sound from the bad ear to the better hearing ear. The system incorporates SoundFlow, RealEar sound and QuickSync to improve the listening experience of the wearer.

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Learning to Listen Just Got Easier

September 21, 2015

Hearing aids are good at making sounds louder but hearing clearly in a situation of background noise can still be difficult. Research says that auditory training programs such as LACE can improve speech understanding in noise up to 40%. Now LACE is not only available by CD-ROM and DVD but in interactive on-line forum as well.

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